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Alamo City Pepper Products

All Natural Food Seasonings


Try our all natural food seasonings that can be used right at the table as a condiment or used to season food before cooking. No need to marinate, just add one of our unique seasonings! We strive to bring you a great tasting product without any chemicals, msg or irradiation. Just clean, all natural seasoning. If you like the fresh flavor of citrus and chile peppers, you'll love our seasonings. They are a careful and smooth blend of chile peppers, fresh citrus and other spices.

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Our all natural, gluten-free seasonings will elevate your food to the next level of flavor.

In keeping with our goal of producing natural spice blends, we are proud to use Redmond Real Salt. Redmond Real Salt is an ancient sea salt mined from Utah and contains 50+ trace minerals including iodine. It is unrefined, pure, and all natural and has an award-winning taste.

Our seasonings can be used at the table making it easy to bring new flavors to your food. Or our seasoning to your meat, fish, seafood or vegetables before cooking and eliminate the need to marinate. An easy way to amaze your family. Also, use our seasonings on fresh fruit, raw vegetables or on snack foods like peanuts, popcorn, chips etc.

We look for new and unique ways for blending peppers, citrus and spices to bring you innovative seasonings. And once you try our unique seasonings, check out our classic seasonings also - they are fabulous too.

News and Updates

We also have hot chile peppers. If you want the hottest pepper in the world, check out our "hot pepper" site, www.Bhut-Jolokia.net. The new hottest pepper in the world is the Trinidad Scorpion pepper. Trinidad Scorpion was acknowledged by the Guiness Book of Records in April, 2011. It is available now at www.Bhut-Jolokia.net. We also have the previous world's hottest chile pepper, Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper. Bhut Jolokia has been featured on a tv show where a man eats pasta with bhut jolokia sauce and a burger with bhut jolokia, habaneros, serranos and jalapenos. Try it now »

We are always working on new chile pepper blends to enhance your food. We just finished Honey Jolokia seasoning using Bhut Jolokia peppers. It will be available soon in Whole Foods and is available now on our website.

Coming soon »

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